1. Coverage of Information Security Policy

The KASAI Group (hereinafter referred as "We") manage all information obtained by our business activities and possessed all work related data based on the information security policy. All members related to the KASASI Group including "Executives, Permanent employees, Temporary employees and other business associates" as well as "Contractors and Other related persons" who are allowed to handle KASAI Group related information shall be subject to the information handling rules.

※ The KASAI Group contains Kasai Kogyo Co., Ltd and consolidated subsidiaries.

2. Appropriate protection of information

In protecting all possessed information accurately, we comply with information protection laws, related government/ministry ordinance and other pertinent guidelines.

3. Establishment of information security related internal rules and penal provisions

We establish the internal rules based on the information security policy and punish any leaking of information severely.

4. Safety control measure

We take data and information security and control measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or prevent leak loss, falsification, and destruction of personal information.

5. Effectiveness of information security policy

We ensure to inform all person concerned about the information security policy in a proper manner to execute our duties with an awareness of information security.

6. Protection of personal information

We handle all personal information carefully with its importance in mind.