Being one part of the international operations of Kasai, KASAI UK LTD benefits from all the resources that its parent have to offer. Access to advanced technology and highly skilled personnel from around the globe gives Kasai UK LTD an enviable support network.


KASAI UK LTD has been strongly investing both in manufacturing facilities and R&D. A unique and revolutionary manufacturing process, Kasai Press Moulding (KPM) was introduced in Merthyr Plant in 1992, the first of their kind to be used in Europe. Today five KPM machines, three in Merthyr and two in Washington are in operation, adding to the company's versatile range of manufacturing processes which include Vacuum Forming, Thermoforming, fabic in mould and plastic injection moulding from 150T to 2000T capacity and in 2009 R-TEK introduced armrest sewing to compliment their wrapping proccesses.

In 1998 Merthyr plant introduced two 300T press machines and waterjet machines for manufacturing trunk trim parts. In 1999 the extension in Washington increased the plant size to almost 16,000sqm.

Environmentally KPM is also a success, producing significantly lower volumes of VOCs than traditional methods. Assembly line of door trims, including back-folding of coverstock and Kimekomi process (Fabric insertion), also generates no VOCs thanks to the most advanced technology. The company has extensive testing facilities including 3D measuring machines, thermal cycle chambers etc, in both plants. Kasai UK LTD is continuously striving for high efficiency through kaizen-continuous improvement activity in which every member of the company takes part.

With the introduction of CAD systems and thermal cycle machines at Washington, the new plant is even more efficient. Run along similar managerial line to Japanese companies, KASAI UK LTD stresses commitment to product quality and company involvement at all levels. Regardless of the position, all employees have the same guarantees written into their contracts and maintain the highest standards of quality in every aspect of the job. Regular briefings keep everyone aware of all aspects of company policy. Every employee is trained to understand the whole operation, leading to more effective production.

300T Press Machine
These high standards are reflected not only in the finished product but in the contracts with suppliers and customers which resulted in the Merthyr Tydfil plant receiving Honda's prestigious "Best Supplier Award In Overall Performance" aswell as "Best Quality Performance Award" and "Best Delivery Performance Award" in 1994.  

Using the JIT technique and independent contractors, KASAI UK LTD can quickly and efficiently supply Honda in Swindon with door parts and trunk trim parts for the Honda range of models.Situated only three miles from its major customer, Nissan, the Washington plant prides itself of their Synchronous Delivery System.

Using its own company drivers, KASAI UK LTD can supply the door panels and injection moulded parts for Nissan's range of models in accordance to Nissan's production sequence, enabling minimum stock levels at both the Nissan site and internally at KASAI UK LTD. With expanding production has come an expanding workforce. From the original 11 employees at Merthyr Tydfil in 1992, the number is 210 in 2003. With more than 320 workers based at the washington site, KASAI UK LTD will be a force to be reckoned with.


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